Soft tip “0.018” OD PEBAX Soft Tip”

0.018” (1.4 F) OD PEBAX micro-catheter soft tip

Formed Polymer Solutions uses a precision RF catheter tipping process in conjunction with in-house designed and fabricated tooling to micro mold this tip to a wall thickness of .001” while holding tolerances down to 0.0005”. Our in house tool fabrication capabilities allowed us to quickly take this tip from low volume validation runs to high volume commercial production.

Ball tip: “Soft Tip with embedded radio-opaque markers”

0.100” (7.6F) OD PEBAX catheter
soft tip

This catheter tip features embedded radio-opaque micro spheres. Formed Polymer Solutions uses specialized micro venting technology to eliminate surface voids and sinks.

0.037” (2.8F) Carbothane ball tip with hole

This catheter tip features a hole formed on the proximal end for easy attachment to a catheter shaft. The Carbothane has been loaded with Barium Sulfate for improved radio-opacity. Formed Polymer Solutions partnered with the development engineers early in the design phase to assist in designing the tip, fabricated rapid prototypes, and delivered small volume production runs for testing.


Formed Polymer Solutions fabricates this custom dilator assembly by tipping the distal and proximal ends, welding on the hub, and drilling side holes into the distal and proximal ends.

Carbothane tip with marker band

This soft durometer solid carbothane catheter tip features an embedded marker band for locating the tip under x-ray fluoroscopy. Formed Polymer Solution’s precision in–house tool making capabilities allowed us to rapidly prototype this part by developing the process and tooling to form the ball tip and insert mold the marker band.